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                                                     A quick guide on How To Use 



       Use Newfoundland Seasonings on a wide range of meats, seafood, fowl, and vegetables. Each seasoning blend is truly a new-found combination of top quality herbs and spices, all packaged in airtight and re-closable pouches for extra-long lasting freshness.


       Perfect for camping, hunting, fishing, or just cooking at home with family. Each blend it created for flexibility, so feel free to experiment with them! 


Duck Spice is a versatile poultry seasoning that is also amazing on pork, chicken, turkey and even lamb and beef, or try it in a vegetable bisque.  

Try Cod Spice on salmon, mussels, halibut, in a chowder, fishcakes or on scallops. get the idea, the spicy world is your oyster!  


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